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October 7, 2014

Open Letter to V. Putin president of Russia.

My name is Józef Edmund Ciuraj. I am one of eight spiritual healers nominated by God. I'm also a spiritual teacher and exorcist (nr 1 on this planet).


I'm writing to you, because God and I have no more patience with your banditry: lies, fraud, thievery, plunders, murder, genocide, intrigue and numerous other criminal offenses.


Know, God judges everyone on a regular basis. Everyone regularly builds spiritual credit history, positive or/end negative karma. No one is waiting for God's judgment until the end of the world, it's religious nonsense. 


Everything is a test: life in poverty, as well as, life in wealth; being famous and ill; having authority as a teacher, clergyman, military, and finally being a high government official. 


The heads of state have a special responsibility. Officials should serve their nation and be a positive example to him. When that leader creates a negative example for his nation by lying, stealing, and even murdering his own people, it creates a negative opinion, and creates a negative example for the nation.


You Putin represent a negative example. You degrade your soul and create negative karma, you'll have a hard time to work your crimes to the victims in subsequent lives.


Today, you are president, tomorrow, because of your faults; you will be on the other side. Then you'll experience how it felt to your victims.


Before the Court of God you will not stand as president of Russia, you will be stand as sinner.


Positive karma and rewards are awarded when people live in abundance, have a job, they are happy and safe. So it is with neighbours, depending on whether they live secure, whether you don't harm them.


Example of positive karma. 


At the end of the of the twentieth century, the 1990s I did a diagnosis for nine-year-old boy. It turned out, that in a previous live he was a scientist in Atlantis. 


He successfully developed cloning humans. However, he doesn’t revealed this discovery, because he thought it might be used for evil purposes. 


After returning to heaven he received for this act from God a large fortune and a rank of spiritual aristocrat. 


Unfortunately, after him someone else has discovered cloning and this invention was implemented. 


Cloned people were used to serve and for sex. There was reigned the great debauchery, many Atlantns who were on the good side, went over on the side of evil. 


Example of negative karma. 


In May 1995, one lady asked me for help for her 25-year-old daughter, who was very seriously ill. She was feeling a great pain, and couldn't walk. The doctors told her she had a just three months to live. 


Ala had rheumatoid arthritis (progressive RA). In her fingers, toes, heels and feet she no longer had bone – she had gel where the bone should be. 


My diagnosis, which in included in addition to a description of her health, description of the five previous incarnations of the patient. These incarnations were karmically linked with her current life, and described her positive and negative actions. 


It turned out, Ala was my child; she was a scientist in Atlantis, who worked on nuclear fission. Then, as her parent, I warned her to disclose this discovery, because it will turn against all. But she didn't listen. 


The discovery was tested and afterward three atomic explosions were conducted three atomic explosions. The third explosion destroyed Atlantis, millions of people died. Atlantis was disappired, and only a few survived. 


My diagnosis made her realize her suffering wasn't a coincidence, and was a punishment for sins. Her soul has suffered since that time, one life after another. 


I started intensive healing, first at a distance, and then after about a month, when she could stand up, her parents brought her to me to continue the healing. 


When she asked if and when she would be able to walk, I said 'yes, on New 'yes, on New Year's Eve you will be able to go to the prom. And so, in fact, it happened. In December Ala in December could walk normally. 


It was very nice in this case how her doctors acted, because they saw higher efficiency in my healing. They limited themselves to performing controls and diagnoses. 


You should assume, that since the destruction of Atlantis to the present life, her soul re-incarnated hundreds of times, suffering in each life. 


Ala could get help only in this life, when she sufficiently understood her mistake and by suffering worked off the suffering of victims. 


And how is Ala today? In 2011, when I was in Poland, I visited her. Ala is alive and well, has a business, only that, as every one of us, has more years. 


From my extensive documentation on Atlantis, it was more technologically advanced than we now. Atlanteans had vehicles that could both ride on roads, swim and fly. Atlantean survivors with their machines later helped to build the pyramids in Egypt. 


So the cause of the destruction of Atlantis were two evils: pride and debauchery. 


Consider now, whether it is worth to do evil. 


The Earth is currently in the last phase of evil, evil has dominated the planet. If the Earthlings wouldn't calm down, they will not do fine with evil, then God will fix it. 

Then this mess will be over, as Atlantis ended, that is to say, only a few will survive on this planet. Only negative karma will not end, it had to be paid off by every soul. 


Know, that on this planet, the average person is doing 40% good. The Polish pope, John Paul II, gave out of him self 60% good. Not only actions, but also thoughts and words are important. 


Nothing and nobody escapes the judgment of God. God's punishment for evil deeds is a minimally triple redress to victims. 


Souls from the world of politics, sports; artists, businessman and others, less known are showing up to me for help. Spirit of former communist secretary, Edward Gierek, after his death asked me for assistance with God. He asked for a chance to rectify his mistakes and wrongs. 


Spirit of general Jaruzelski, just a few years before his death, asked me to do the same. Gierek and Jaruzelski both are far away from the scale of your crimes, and they got a chance to repair their faults. 


You, will first suffer for a long time, and when you understand your mistakes, you'll get a chance to work off them. You are on a very long road of suffering, Putin. 


You have already been spiritually degraded, and after death you will land in hell. You are endangered by freezing in time, it's the highest degree of punishment. In hell already is the spirit of Adolf Hitler, who was imprisoned by me after a battle I won with him. However, you wouldn't have any contact with him.


What is freezing in time? It's a state of nothingness: no light, no voices, no sounds, no motion. It's absolutely nothing, except you and your thoughts. You'll go on to work out suffering of all beings, which you harmed, only after complete understanding of your guilt. It may take hundreds or thousands of earthly years. Prison on Earth, in isolation, is a luxury compared to freezing in time.


Negative karma and punishment are for such behavior as you represent. All your communist predecessors are already in hell, now it's your turn and for all those who carry out your criminal command. Hell awaits the soul of Gorbachev, who is guilty of genocide and using black magic on his wife Raisa Gorbachev.


Here are the facts. 


Not Mikhail Gorbachev, but his wife Raisa was the creator of Perestroika in Russia. December 31, 1999, three months after her death, while I was doing my routine spiritual duties – precisely, I have been bringing up souls to Heaven, – the soul of Raisa Gorbachev interrupted my work.


I was surprised, because no one, only souls of spiritual aristocrats can contact me, and it happens very rarely.


She appeared to me and said: - Józef, please stop your work immediately and help me, because I'm in big trouble. 


I stopped my work and made a spiritual message on it. Raisa gave me further information: - Józef, only you can help me. Look, I'm all chained in chains of black magic and I can't get to Heaven.


My husband did it, he's a very evil man. He blamed me for the effects of the Perestroika, cursed me and now no one except you can help me. Like you, I'm an aristocrat in Heaven and we know each other very well there.


Please, free me from these chains, cleanse me and drive me up to home. I will reward you immediately.


After this message I did what Raisa asked. Later, I made another message for her, to make sure, everything was in order. Raisa replied: - Yes, Józef, I'm at home now and thank you very much, everything is fine. As I promised, it is settled. After your work, couldn't be done anything better.


I don't believe this villain Gorbachev can admit he cursed his wife. He is a liar like any other communist.


Proof, that Mikhail Gorbachev wasn't the originator of Perestroika is that when you, Putin, robbed Crimea, Gorbachev publicly praised your banditry and said: read.


Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 


On the night of 27/28 May 2014 I heard in a dream the words: intrigue, military provocation.  17 July 2014 airliner Malaysian Airline number 17 was shot down over Ukraine, 40 km from the border with Russia. So this crime is also your Job.  


It is not possible to use heavy weapons without orders from the president. It's impossible without orders from the president heavy weapons would be in the hands of the rebels. These weapons are manned by Russian soldiers. 


It's not possible soldiers would fight in a foreign country without command from the president. It's a lie that they are volunteers, they are regular soldiers of the Russian army.  Of course, you also are paying terrorists and your instructors are training them near the border with Ukraine.


Putin, you're a thug, you're the # 1 terrorist on this planet.


You're making provocations to start a third world war,  and you want to pin the blame on Western states. 


Do you think you will harm people, animals and plants with impunity? Do you that nobody sees what you're doing?


You call Ukrainians the Nazis, but who are better murderers, Nazis or Communists? 


I don't defend the Ukrainians, because they made cruel crimes against the Poles, which had murdered from 1937 to 1947 about 120,000, including mothers and children. Ukrainian OUN-UPA massacred entire villages, then they plundered and burned. 


Ukrainians also murdered Jews, Czechs, Russians and others. Here is one of many documents:


Crimes of the Ukrainians


A crime of genocide which made the Russian Communists? Poles murdered only because they were Poles who where better farmers. Here are just a few examples from a huge list of genocides which made the Soviet communists:


The Soviet Story


Polish operation of the NKVD

Nikolai Yezhov

Soviet murder of General Sikorski


It is estimated, that the labor camps (Gulags) in the USSR were killed since the beginning of the revolution to 1956 approx. 60,000,000 people. And how many people of other nationalities, in other states in a whole world were murdered by the communists?

In China – 65 million; in Africa – 1,7 million; Vietnam - 1 million, North Korea – 2 million, Cambodia – 2 million, Eastern Europe – 1 million, Afghanistan – 1,5 million, Latin America – 150,000. In total, nearly 150 million deaths.


Did you know that your Russian "great leaders", Lenin and Stalin are the worst murderers in the history of planet Earth and are both sons of mr. thaT (tamteN)? Hitler is also one of them?


The "Father" of the terrorist system is the Jew Karl Marx, and he is a native of hell resides there too. So Putin, the communist regime derives from hell.


Did you know, Russia actually occupies the prehistoric lands of Poles? Polish and Ruthenian medieval chronicles are consistent with the newest geneticarcheology. Did you know, that the oldest known name of Poland (lands of Polans and Lechites) is Hyperborea?


Scientific' research proves, that ancestors of Poles settled these lands in the Paleolithic Era, so their history can reach even a few million years. So the Slavs are one of the oldest ethno-linguistic groups on this planet.


True is the ancient story about three brothers, Lech, Čech, and Rus, who separated. It's just that Rus was the worst of them, and so we get to today. So the nasty brother didn't want to change!


The pre-catholic history of Poland has been erased by invaders: Russians, Germans, Austrians, communists and of course the people of the Church. The official history of Poland is a crop of lies, written since the baptism of Mieszko I in 966 A.D., so it lacks „only” circa two million years!


Polans and Lechites built most of the cities in the east, like: Moscow, Kiev, Novgorod, Riga. Polans reaches from the river Elbe to the Black Sea, and to the Ural mountains! Maybe really it's time to take back these lands from tyrants and restore borders far to the east?


If this happens, it is certain, then will be peace and people will be living without fear. So it was at the times of Lech, in his state was order, culture and democratic law worked. In Rus' state, inversely, was chaos, tyranny and lawlessness.


To the Russians. 


Don't let your children, fathers and husbands go to the army, because the terrorist government is cheating on you. They send your children, husbands to war and they lie that soldiers deaths are accidents at work, not casualties on the battlefield. Your relatives, loved ones are sent to war intrigue organized by Putin and his government. 


In the law of God, killing is permitted only in self-defense and in defense of the family or the state. It is better to be imprisoned, even killed by the tyrant, than go to war, which is an act of invasion. God rewards for such attitude and you will go to the next life with a clear conscience. 


Killing as an aggressor is a criminal offense and results in negative karma, which later must be worked off for all the victims, triple at least. It's a very big regression in spiritual growth.


No one explains it has received an order, your commander and you will be tried for murder. You have free will, and you have the right to refuse a stupid order.


Your government is a liar, they are limiting you in reaching the truth. They want to eliminate free media and nationalize them. They want to take wealth from the rich and nationalize them, return to communism. Putin imprisons and kills his opponents - he's a tyrant! 


Your misfortune is that among his top officers isn't anyone on the Divine side. If that one should be, he should shoot him in the head – he would have prevented the further genocide. For such an act, God generously rewards.


Organize a gigantic peaceful demonstration in the style of the Polish and deprive the government's terrorists of their power.


Your new government should be composed of young and educated people. You can't afford communist-minded people or those from communist families, or nationalists have come to power, because all of such people are terrorists. Give freedom to the nations, give people the freedom of expression and speech. 


Destroy all the monuments of communists and put in their place monuments of Raisa Gorbachev,  -the real creator of the Russian perestroika. 


Communists should be qualified as a criminal organization and communist political parties should be banned, because their ideologies are criminogenic and are straight from hell.


Left should be forbidden to leftist to hold state and public functions for 10 generations. Everyone would be outraged if the Nazis' held ublic office, so why are unpunished murderers bigger than the Nazi's?


Russians, you really can't live in harmony and love on this land of the Slavic family? It's not enough of these genocides? Aren't you ashamed for these crimes? 


Of course, that better life is possible! You just need to, as I wrote previously, remove for ever communist terrorists and their descendants from performing public functions. 


In your current government are descendants of these murderers. For example, ask the Prime Minister Medvedev what his grandfather was doing in a basement of one Yekaterinburg mansion on the night of 17 on July 18, 1918.


Surely he will not admit to it. But the answer can be found in the book of Englishman Mr. Wilton, who was one of the investigators of the murder of the Tsar's family, made by specially trained team of the Cheka, and their leader was the Khazars Jew, watchmaker and photographer from Tomsk, Yankel Yurovsky. This genocide was executed on Lenin's order.


Ask Putin, how many souls his father, NKVD officer, has on conscience. Maybe his lovely daddy has boasted to him, that he served son of thaT onE? In any case, sonny, KGB officer, certainly have more souls on their conscience and „better” negative spiritual account, than daddy.


In 1999, on Putin's order, who then served as Prime Minister, FSB carried out a series of bomb attacks on apartment blocks in Moscow and Volgodonsk. This is only one of the many Putin's provocations.


Putin and his blood related, you should know, what I write is not mere writing. It doesn't matter whether you believe in God, in which god, or if you don't believe. The law of God the Creator is and always will be.


On my Polish site there are many documents of patients who describe their suffering in this life. They are paying for the wrongs which they have perpetrated to other people in their previous life.


Putin, I am one of the very few on this planet, where are very highly educated spiritually. You can check it with clairvoyants. By the way, check what I can do.


 My work was a change of direction of the hurricane Alex 2010, from forecasted north-east to the west. The hurricane was led of oil overflow in the Gulf of Mexico, devastated by British Petroleum.


If this had happened, several southern states would be irrevocably ruined. I've done more, but only a few people know about it. I have documentation of this fact, kept by someone from the government of the United States, but I don't disclose it.


Why am I writing about it? Wise Russians which are on the right, Divine side, don't want war and intrigue, they want to live happily in peace and tranquility. They should change the course of Russia.


If you and your devilish leftists begin to imprison and murder these people, I will go into action, and I'll send disasters on Russia. I don't think that God could refuse me to clear this out.


Poland has now pure karma and will come out of the coming cataclysms well. In contrast, Polish neighbors, Russia, Germany and Ukraine have negative karma and suffering, as a consequence for genocide, awaits them.


I have on my account wins in battles with several sons of mr. thaT, and Hitler was one of them. 


The main problem on this planet is very low level of spiritual education of Earthlings, which is why this planet is at a low third of the nine time dimensions. Therefore, so much evil is here. 


Many years ago I got a message from Above, that the Kremlin is possessed, is the seat of mr.thaT. How did this happen, since when? It's simple, from the time when the Bolsheviks entered with Lenin to the Kremlin and  murdered all. The situation worsened by another son of mr. thaT - Stalin.


Putin, have you thought, how you will take your materialism with you to the spiritual world? Probably representatives of one of the nations from the Middle East will be able to help you with this property. For ease, I will tell you that the color black is their favorite.


Putin, you were spiritually degraded and after  physical death you will land in hell. And it is irrevocable. You should expect the worst punishment, which is freezing in time.


If you don't calm yourself down, and if you'll use a nuclear weapon, you will be guilty of destruction of the planet. Then, after work off in hell, in next reincarnation you will be incarnated as a pig. This is the biggest possible spiritual fall of the human being.


Currently other sons of mr. thaT, the princes of hell beelzebuB and mephistopheleS are defeated. I fought with them over a year and this is the greatest battle ever took place in the universe. This battle is described only on my Polish website.


Putin, do you think you will get away before me? It is not possible! When you soon will die, I'll come for your spirit.


People ask me for help in difficult spiritual and life situations. The cause of most of their problems is in the wrong conduct in previous lives. Formerly, they hurt others, now is time to pay for it. 


Many resolved cases and comprehensive information are posted on my Polish portal, but the English site doesn't contain very much content.


Finally, a good news for the right side. Putin, you are playing possum, but not just by your eyes you can see that death is already asking for you. Get ready for the judgment of God, you will hear questions about your many crimes, and the list of your crimes is long. Here are some:


1. Murders of journalists and other people who were critical of the authorities (Litvinienko) 

2. Provocations, which caused death of so far tens of thousands of people. 

3. Imprisoning opponents. 

4. Seizing and plundering other nation's lands. 

5. Robbing billionaires. 

6. Unfair enrichment. 

7. Blocking aid from western states for citizens in such countries as Syria. Also Chinese are responsible for these kind of crimes. You will pay for complicity in genocide. 

8. Protection of bandits like Assad or Saddam Hussein's family. Maybe you want to tell people where they are and how much you took in bribes from relatives of Hussein? 

9. Transferring looted money to your account by your agents from different states. 

10. Shooting down a Malaysian civil aircraft. 

11. Aggression on Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine, and who will be next?


Putin, will you give orders to kill me for telling the truth?It will only worsen your and your killers situation. It is possible to murder me, but it's not possible murder of my soul, and if this would have happened, still I would be able to arrange everything as a spirit, and murderers as well as the person ordering will be adequately punished.


My letter is a message to all the Earthlings. All human beings will be affected by the law of God, without exception. Everyone is judged as a teacher. Teacher effects are judged, whether you're a parent, teacher, military, businessman or politician. 


In Asia is more evil than in any other region of this planet, and this continent will be adequately treated with cataclysms. It is now announced time of battle between good and evil, the states of the right should unite and mercilessly completely eradicate evil.


The message to politicians (from the right) and to politicos (from the left). 


Russians, Western countries are not threat to you, and western direct neighbors also are not.


Huge threat for Russia are Russians themselves. Those, who are leftists, descendants of communist tyrants, murderers of even their own people.


Evil in Europe is located in Germany. I clearly felt energies of terror and fear when I was flying in 1993 over Germany on the way back from the USA. 


The biggest threat to Russia, and not only for Russia, is China. The Chinese have planned a nuclear attack on Russia. They want to stop, as they see, the hegemony of white people on the planet.


Behind them will follow states of the Asian part of the former USSR. So your barrels shouldn't be directed to the west, but in the direction of China. 


Germany must be under constant military control, because in the case of a sharp deterioration in welfare, fascists will come to power, which many are there. 


Other tyrants threatening world peace are the Iranian clerical government, Jewish-Palestinian conflict and North Korea. 


However, the biggest threat for all Earthlings are kosher masons, which members are also many non-kosher (goyim, gentiles), bribed by positions and money. Masons are, as they say, an invisible force, which practically rule on this planet. 


Worst is, they use black magic rituals, and their masteR is lucifeR. Unfortunately, it's not surprising, because approx. 70% of these "elect of goD" are assigned to thaT onE. Only approx. 15% of them are on the Divine side, and the rest of 15% are considering which way to choose.


I would recommend the following documentation, which will open the eyes of all, but not kosher people. Jews will be very angry, that I reveal the shocking truth about their devilish conspiracy. You'll know who they are, what they planned from 1776, whom they serve, and how they achieve the devils goals.


Wake Up Call (in English)

Silent liquidation of Poles  (In Polish) 

Khazars Jews  morder of tsar  (in Polish)

 Scheduled work of Judeo-Satanists  (In Polish)
List of Jews on positions in Poland  (In Polish)
The truth about the Auschwitz  (In Polish)
Secret History of the Jews  (In Polish)
Russian Jews murdered Poles in Katyn  (In Polish)


Below is an example of Jew from hell, representant of 70% of them. 


"Our race (speaking of the Jews) is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves." 


- Menachem Begin, Israeli Prime Minister, Nobel Peace Prize laureate in a speech to the Knesset (Israeli Parlament), quoted by Amnon Kapeliouk, "Begin and the Beasts," New Statesman, June 25, 1982.


And here is an example of Jew from the positive side, one of 15% of them. 


"False and despicable attitude of Jews to national issues, in addition to disgust, even wakes me angry. This nation, complain about the chauvinism of other peoples, is itself the most chauvinistic nation in the world. 


Jews, who complains about the lack of tolerance of others, are the least tolerant. A nation that cries of hatred which wakes up, can hate the most." 


Antoni Słonimski, Jewish poet.


My advice for you, Putin.


Don't play more with other people's life, just play with your own. You don't have much time left. I advise you to go away from politics. Announce free, fair elections for a new government. Buy a Lego bricks and play with them instead of with people, animals and plants.


Putin, do you really want to fight with God?


It's a message for all humans, who have a power over others. Don't harm, or you will pay for it, and it makes no difference whether you believe in God or not.



Note to all religious people.


Once my mother asked her mother - my grandmother - for came after death and say how there is in the world of the spirit. Grandma agreed. When she died, she appeared to my mother and said: 


Do good, and you'll be fine.


At the end of the 90s of the twentieth century, God gave me informtion that over 70% of Earth is going the wrong way.


This is my message to everyone on the planet. Everyone has free will and can choose the option: 


1. Do good, and you'll be fine. 

2. Do evil and later: let the body suffer when you wanted to do evil. 


Anyone who is called "priest" and says the murder of white man or another human with skin in other color will get a reward from God, is false. Such a man is a native of hell, only thaT onE rewards for murder. Don't listen such people.


In the Earth's history, religions and political systems from hell, like communism and fascism, have already made a total of several hundred million people genocide.And we must add, the same suffering animals and all of nature, so these crimes have already cost lives of billions, even trillions of beings.


Life without religion and education people are able to change this beautiful planet better. Backward people should learn tolerance, respect for others, to live in harmony and love for everything that God has created for us. 


The problem is that people on this planet are very low spiritually educated. This is the cause of evil. This evil is intensifying by false "clergy" and tyrants, calling for the killing.


God the Creator has never urges to kill, only rewards for good deeds and punish for evil.


The problem is neither one religion on Earth is real. I have got this message from God in a dream, perhaps in 1993. Later, I asked why?


God answered: therefore, to come to me the wisest spirits.


So if you believe for the killing of a white man God will give you 68 virgins and a lot of wine, then you're an idiot. Such reawards a one can expect to, but in hell.


How to live without religion? It's very simple, but for intelligent people. Do only good and just show other people the way. If your partner doesn't want to understand this simple way, you should go away from him or her and build a new life without evil.


Below I publish my Active Spiritual Path - meditation. As spirits communicate to me, this is one only true and direct way to God the Creator. These are practically spiritual studies that help to become a better person, spiritually and also physically.


If you do two or three of my meditations a week and you make this a ritual, then you have a guaranteed success. Do not exaggerate with A.S.P. (Polish abbreviation: A.D.D.)! My A.S.P. is not for everyone and I clearly point it out. Only approx. 30% of people can enter my spiritual path. 


A.S.P. contains 58 pages of description, but I can’t afford to translating such a large amount of text on many languages. Grants will be a help, for which I please. Even one dollar donation can contribute to multilingual translation. It’s a chance for a better future for the planet.


How to pray? 


I. Preparing 


1. Find a clean place in your home, where you will be constantly doing meditation. Put there a comfortable chair and light a white candle (gives a 95% safety and should always burn during the meditation). 


2. Do not wear black or dark clothes. The best are pure white. 


3. Turn off all devices (telephone, radio, TV), they shouldn't disturb you. 


4. Sit back, relax and close your eyes. 


II. Meditation 


1. In your mind slowly introduce yourself: I am ... (forenames, surname, date and place of birth, country, continent, planet Earth).


2. Do five breathing exercises. Speak slowly, quietly with an inhale "LORD" and with exhale "IS". These exercises calm, cleanse and align chakras. These are the strongest energy exercises. I received this exercise from God in 1993. Since I started to use these exercises, I don't get sick from patients.


3. I, ... (your name) forgive (in thought, word, deed) all those beings who have wronged me and I ask forgiveness (people and animals).

Stay 10-15 minutes in the intention of forgiving. You may have visions of what happened, so forgive honestly. 


4. Please to forgive you all beings that have been hurt by you in thought, word, deed. Stay in the energies of forgiveness 10-15 minutes.


This is the hardest part of meditation. In this section you can see your faults in current and previous lives. As it happens, ask these beings, how reward their harm. This isn't always easy. 


5. The first meeting with the Creator.


Introduce your evil conduct, thoughts and words. Submit to God a plan of correction of your character and bad habits. Be with the Creator of 10-15 minutes.


You can't promise God something, which you don't want to do. Know that it is not easy to change the negative aspects of your character, but nothing is impossible to a willing mind. 


6. The second meeting with the Creator.


Introduce your life problems and ask for help. Be with the Creator of 10-15 minutes. 

Only one problem on one meditation. 


7. Completion of meditation.


8. Do five breathing exercises. Speak slowly, quietly with an inhale "LORD" and with exhale "IS".


Say: Thank you all spiritual beings for listening. Let be done Your will, O Lord God, not mine. 




* My meditation you can do with some persons very close related with you (max. 3  people), but no one can disturb you. For best results you should meditate alone. 


* No one can lead my meditation, everyone must work during it. 


* You can't meditate under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 


* You can't meditate before sunset and after sunset. 


* You can't meditate in the state of increased aggression, stress, anxiety, you need to calm down before. 


* No one can copy my meditation. Theft will be severely punished spiritually.


* My meditation CD is sold exclusively by me. Others will be fraudulent and will not work, will not guarantee safety.


* Attention, this meditation can't be done by people who are going the wrong way: terrorists, murderers, thieves, sexual perverts and so on. 




About what God asks each one after return? 


As a president. God will not ask you about your luxuries, ask if you have achieved your position in a fair way and what you did right and wrong. 


As a rich man. Did you achieved this property in a fair way and how much good and bad from this property you've given to others. 


As a clergyman. Did you guide people to good or to evil?


As a doctor. Did your goal was money or satisfaction with treatment effects? 


As a poor. Did you put up with attempt, are you hurt anyone? 


As a disease sufferer. Did you put up with attempt with humility?


What example you given; positive or negative? 


In every life situation you non-stop builds your spiritual credit history; positive or negative karma. House, which you are building, you don't see here on Earth. You will see effects in the spiritual world. 


Spititual Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Exorcist.


Jozef Edmund Ciuraj